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About us Talking Mama Bears

We are two full-time speech-language pathologists working in neighboring school districts in northern Illinois AND full-time mamas. We are joining our super mom forces to share our daily speech and language session tips and tricks to make your day-to-day work responsibilities a little easier. And for all those fellow mama bears out there…we hope to give lots of insight on how to support your own child at home to increase language skills, support articulation practice, and ultimately find their roar!

Mandy received a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Communication Sciences & Disorders from Illinois State University. Kate received a Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences & Disorders from Augustana College and Master’s in Communication Sciences & Disorders from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Mandy currently works with preschoolers ages three to five while Kate is full time at a kindergarten through 8th grade building. Between our years of experience we have worked with a wide variety of students and communication needs.